About Us


Our purpose is to provide participants specialized training that improves work productivity through practical applications of emotional competence skill development. We do this through a two-part focus.

1. Helping people uncover their strengths and then maximize them.

2. Helping people acknowledge their growth opportunities and then implement changes for improvement.

By utilizing a comprehensive process that incorporates an assessment / workshop / individual development plan / follow-up process, we will assist participants in their quest to experience richer and more productive relationships in both their work and home environments.


After 8 years of research, here is what we have achieved:

  • Perceived Stress Scale – Stress reduced by 25%
  • Trait Anger –  Anger reduced by 13%
  • Physical Vitality – Physical health increased 10%
  • Quality of Life – Increased by 10%
  • Positive States – Positive experiences increased by 19%
  • Gross Sales – Saw an increase of 24% per group while matched comparison groups increased their sales by 10%.

BOTTOM LINE: We deliver results at work and at home.  With decreased stress levels, productivity goes up and work/life balance is optimized.