Since we started our research in 2001, we have been proud to work with a wide array of accomplished individuals from the financial services industry and more recently manufacturing, technology, & other service entities. You validated our hypothesis that with increased EQ – Emotional Intelligence – one could increase their productivity, drive down stress & anger scores, and increase vitality, positive mindset, and well-being.

We meticulously tracked results for over 8 years and because of your commitment and our process that is what we accomplished together. Several graduates of our main stay MYT Original™ Program – and now its successor program EQ Not IQ: Mastery™ have asked us for a continuation of our training through one on one coaching.  Some have asked for that with the goal of further honing their skills and applying them increasingly more effectively, others are experiencing particularly stressful life situations and wanted a coaching support through that period. Therefore, in June of 2012, MYT introduced a new product, EQ Not IQ: Coaching™.  This new component of our growing stable of products enables alumni to further develop their Emotional Intelligence skills via one on one coaching.

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