In 1999, American Express Financial Advisor’s Senior VP Mike Woodward gave Group VP Art DeLorenzo a copy of Daniel Goleman’s book, Working With Emotional Intelligence, a sequel to the author’s seminal Emotional Intelligence. This was an awakening for Art, as he had experienced Emotional Competence Training thanks to AEFA’s consultant, Dr. Rick Aberman.

Art was also friends with Dr. Fred Luskin as they had met through a mutual friend, Dr. Alan Sherr in Northport, NY. Dr. Luskin was working as a school psychologist at his daughter’s elementary school. For Art, Goleman’s book fleshed out and added to what he had seen in his executive work. Self Awareness, Self Regulation, Motivation, Empathy and Social Skills were important concepts, but now he had specific skills and competencies with very specific names and descriptors. He was convinced that by merging a high quality detailed EQ training program with highly motivated individuals would elevate their productivity and lower their stress.

We are short changed in the limited opportunity to acquire soft skills. In the past, those soft skills were provided by our parents and communities. That opportunity is being taken away by social and cultural changes. MYT is designed to help fill that gap, assisting people in balancing their intellect and emotions and enhancing their lives.

MYT is based on the work of leading psychologists on the frontier of business and home/work development. Our founders understand that the brain will not allow us to acquire new habits absent repetition, and that stress inhibits learning and development. EQ is declining as busyness and stress take their tolls. The development of EQ is essential to arrest this decline and enhance performance at home and work.

Our work is to teach the EQ soft skills that are proven to build optimal performance while simultaneously minimizing the negative impact of worry, stress and hurry. We teach each individual to understand their strengths and weakness and help them develop a plan to maximize their talent.


5 Components by Daniel Goleman