EQ not IQ: Mastery™

This program was built on 8 years of research that validated the positive impact that EQ—Emotional Intelligence—has on productivity. In addition this body of work demonstrated significant decreases in stress and anger scores while increasing vitality, positive states and emotional well-being scores. Our results:

  • Perceived Stress Scale: Stress reduced by 25%
  • Trait Anger: Anger reduced by 13%
  • Physical Vitality: Physical health increased 10%
  • Quality of Life: Increased by 10%
  • Positive States: Positive experiences increased by 19%
  • Gross Sales: Saw an increase of 24% per group while matched comparison groups increased their sales by 10%

What makes our results so impressive is the attention to detail of the process we use.  From the moment we receive a registration form we provide clarity and explanation to the participants so that they can maximize their benefit from this work.  Here is a sample of the many steps we take to assure a positive participant experience.

A Welcome & Details letter is sent out electronically upon receipt of a registration form, which contains all of the logistical details for the program launch workshop. A sample of that letter can be viewed here.  We also provide the participant with an Observer Overview document that contains information that they will pass on to their chosen observers. A sample of that letter can be viewed here.  Dates for the delivery of the Individual Development Plan (IDP) are provided as well as other logistical information such as location of the event, start and end times.

Four to five days prior to the workshop, the participants receive an email with instructions to complete a series of questionnaires and an EQi test to establish their EQ baseline. When appropriate a control group is identified and they also complete the same material.

The day before the workshop another email goes out confirming the participant’s attendance. It contains a repeat of the site location address and telephone number as well as a grid with all of the participant’s phone numbers and email addresses. Should someone need to reposition their slotted IDP or “Coaching Conference Call,” they will have easy access to other participants to swap their sessions.

At the workshop, dates and times are confirmed for IDP  and coaching sessions. Two weeks after the workshop, the IDP’s are presented to the participants in a private conference call. “Coaching Calls” are spread out over the next 5 months with our Ph. D’.s.  The agenda is as follows:

  • An update from the participant’s perspective on their IDP progress
  • Feedback received by the participant from their observers
  • Areas of opportunity
  • A review of their “Ideal Outcome”

A reminder email goes out 4-5 days prior to each “Coaching Call” to stimulate attendance. One “TEAM” conference call is scheduled whereby all participants can share their “best practices”.  The call is facilitated by MYT’s President, Art DeLorenzo. After the last “Coaching Call”, new questionnaires are sent to participants for completion.

A Summary letter of congratulations is sent to the participant indicating the results of the program and an encouragement to continue onward with their new habits or to utilize EQ not IQ: Extension.  The latter is a way for participants to continue their coaching calls should the need arise. A reunion dinner is held for participants and interested guests.

To register, please click here and fill out our registration form. If you have any immediate questions please call us at 646-707-4324.

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