Frequently Asked Questions about our Mainstay EQ Not IQ Mastery™ Program


What were the results of the previous pilot projects?
See the section on our Home Page entitled “Executive Summary or White Paper”

How will this work be delivered?
All participants will receive a full day’s workshop and then will receive follow up coaching sessions with our Associates during the subsequent 6 months.

Who will lead/teach the workshop?
Art DeLorenzo will open the workshop and review the mechanics of implementing the program. He will also give a brief overview of his observation of the key elements to successful execution. Experienced PhD’s will do the balance of the teaching & instruction in emotional competence and forgiveness/stress management.

How will we measure the outcome of this program?
For a program to be considered effective, we must collect data to determine its impact. Therefore, we will collect this data at the onset and upon its conclusion. We will measure gains in productivity if available and we will measure stress, anger, vitality, positive states, and quality of life. This dual measure will allow us to validate the effectiveness of the program.

Is there any preparatory work that needs to be done prior to the workshop?
Yes, you will do this immediately before to the workshop (within 2 to 4 business days).  The psychosocial assessment profiles include quality of life measures and the comprehensive Emotional Quotient Inventory.  These assessments combined with consultation with our Ph.D.’s will be the foundation for your Individual Development Plan. In addition a Welcome and Details letter goes to all participants explaining each and every step that will be taken throughout the whole 6 month program. It is followed by a personal telephone interview to ascertain appropriateness of the program for the participant.  A strong emphasis on the use of “Observers” is made as this appears to be a critical step in the success of the participant.

When will I receive my own Individual Development Plan (IDP)?
Within two weeks after the workshop concludes a conference call will be scheduled between each participant and our PhD’s to review the IDP.

Will I need anything else to make this program work for me?
It is important that all participants select two ‘observers’ who would be willing to provide them with regular feedback about their progress. A work colleague could be one choice, as they will have more ready access to you. They will be directed to keep a log of their observations and to give you feedback for 15 minutes every three to four weeks. A second choice should be someone at home. Both observers will join with the participant in the “observer training” conference call. They will not join the coaching calls.

Who will train my “Observers”?
This will be done by Art DeLorenzo via a conference call within a week after the workshop and prior to the IDP delivery.  When implemented effectively, this element is a major driver of results for the participants.

What is the value of the follow–up coaching sessions?
One of our guiding principles is to provide guided practice in emotional competence and then provide follow up coaching. Our extensive experience validates that a workshop plus follow up individualized coaching is a powerful combination. We will coordinate the telephone conference calls with you at the onset of the workshop. You may have anywhere from 2 to 4 items on your Individual Development Plan with 3 being a typical number. Initially, we will only focus on 1 or 2 at a time but once an item is accomplished, we will move onto the others. It is the participants responsibility to be prepared and on time for the conference calls. We will provide the dates and times at the workshop so there will be plenty of advanced notice. Being late to the call will shorten the session and lesson the time available for coaching. Missed calls will not be made up unless a family emergency occurs.

During EQ Not IQ Mastery™ “coaching”, how many follow-up sessions will there be?
There will be a minimum of eight, plus the “Reunion” dinner.

  1. “Observer” training—in week 1 after the workshop
  2. IDP (Individual Development Plan) delivery—week 2
  3. First coaching conference call
  4. Second coaching conference call
  5. Third coaching conference call
  6. Fourth coaching conference call or “wrap up” conference call where we report results
  7. There are two “TEAM” conference calls whereby all of the participants share their “best practices” with each other
  8. Reunion Dinner whereby all participants reunite

What is cost for the EQ Not IQ: Mastery™ Program?
There is no cost to you as an employee if your firm has enrolled you in our program. The entire cost maybe absorbed by your employer on your behalf. It is substantial and it behooves us to encourage you to honor that investment by being 100% engaged in the workshop and subsequent conference calls. This is a big deal and your firm is at the cutting edge in supporting its people with this type of a program. If you are attending the EQ Not IQ Mastery™ Program as an individual, your cost could be as high as $2795 if you did not participate in an Early Bird or group discount. Look under the Mastery Tab for Early Bird discount details.

What is an optimal size for a program?
We feel that a group of approximately 12 is optimal.

What if I have other questions?
Share your thoughts with your supervisor.  He or she will forward your question to your firm’s leadership team for a response.  Or if you prefer, you can write to us at myt@usa.net.

When and where will the workshop take place?
Details are available on our website or by subscribing to our newsletter, available on the upper right side of this page. In addition, once a participant has registers a Welcome & Details Letter is sent that contains all logistical and program details.

What is the agenda for the workshop?

Workshop Format

  • Introductions & House Keeping
  • Theory 101
  • Introducing and Practicing Emotional, Social, and Cognitive Competencies

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