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To help us reach more people, MYT periodically trains and approves individuals who have demonstrated effectiveness to present EQ Not IQ: The Basics™ and EQ Not IQ: The Basics Plus™.

web_walterbookerWalter K. Booker, Sr. is the Founder and President of Personal Everest Ventures, Inc., a company dedicated to helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential via personal and professional development, training, mentoring, executive coaching and career and life planning. Additionally, Mr. Booker is also a highly-regarded and much sought-after motivational speaker who has been invited to address and work with groups from clients and companies as diverse as Ameriprise Financial, The Edwin Gould Foundation, the Township of Montclair, NJ and CNBC. Previously, he was the Group Vice President of the New Jersey Market Group of Ameriprise Financial Services Inc. (AMP). During his tenure at Ameriprise, his group became a top performer, finishing in the top quartile of its peer group twelve out of 13 years. Mr. Booker joined Ameriprise Financial in 1995, after spending over a decade in senior management positions in the institutional sales, trading, and research divisions of Salomon Brothers Inc, Bear Stearns & Co., Dean Witter Reynolds Inc., and PaineWebber Incorporated. He lives in Montclair, New Jersey, with his three children.

Louann_thumbLouann Schwager Tung, Ph.D. is a licensed personal HeartMath coach and president of Core-herence  — coaching to integrate the heart, mind, and body for stress-free living. Dr. Tung specializes in helping individuals and corporate groups flower their space of intuition and creativity while reducing stress and improving health and relationships. Learn more at Since 2005, she has taken more than 400 hours of live workshops in mindfulness and meditation which created the fertile ground for interest in HeartMath. With a Ph. D. in nuclear engineering from the University of California at Berkeley, she was employed as an engineer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore CA from 1990 until she retired in 2013. In 2008 at LLNL, she started and led a meditation group that grew to 100 members from 2008 to 2013. This lead to her also becoming an LLNL ombudsperson and so took a half-day stress solutions class that was offered at LLNL. In this class, she learned about the physiology of stress, the HeartMath techniques to awaken intuition, and HeartMath stress monitors. This launched her career transition in 2009 from nuclear engineer to emotional intelligence engineer!  In 2014 she joined as a partner with Maximize Your Talent to bring emotional intelligence into the work place to enable employees to be more productive yet with less stress! She applies the unique combination of her HeartMath experience, LLNL ombuds skills, and mindfulness courses to train individuals and corporate teams for supercharged creativity, optimal health, and cooperative relationships at home and at work.  She uses her mindfulness skills every day as a wife in 20 years of marriage and as a mom to her teen-aged son. Her passion is continuous self-improvement in heart, mind, and body through on-line courses, meditation workshops, enriching others, teaching connection to nature by native plant gardening and family nature camps, and health improvement via qi gong, mountain biking, and downhill skiing.


Along our journey, we have been fortunate to meet people who are working hard to positively impact others’ lives.  We are happy to introduce you to them here, and encourage you to explore their work and organizations.



MYT Partner Corner - Colette_Dene_Combined_Pictures_11-26-13 (1)(ARN): Executive Search / Talent Strategy / Consulting

ARN has reinvented executive search by creating a new service model that meets the needs of the complete range of companies from entrepreneurial start-ups to large, well-established enterprises. We complete searches faster and more cost-effectively than traditional search firms, but there are two other unique differences between us and our competition.

First, our Partners and Consultants hail from both Executive Search and In-House Corporate Talent Management, thereby infusing our collective insights with best practices from both arenas. Second, we recruit the top talent required to propel businesses to ever-higher levels of growth and success. In essence, we become our client’s strategic partners, assessing their particular business complexities, identifying the drivers needed to open markets or transform their organizations and, lastly, by searching for, and finding, the right executive talent to help them “chart the course”.

The key to our success is our vast network of executives in many diverse industries and disciplines, as well as our alliance with unique trailblazers like MYT.  We are a dedicated partner with MYT and our initial assessment to you is free of charge. We have created a special program for clients who come to us through this newsletter and we would love to tell you about it! Please contact us at 631-262-0214 so we can learn more about your vision for the future of your business.


Rita Headshot

Marguerita M. Cheng, Chief Executive Officer

The mission of Blue Ocean Global Technology is to help Americans make optimal technology decisions and resource allocations. We help clients leverage technology to increase efficiency and profitability. We offer private, public, and Nonprofit Organizations an exceptional client experience. Our process begins and ends with our client vision. We develop, integrate, and protect your technology assets.

Globalization refers to the economic integration arising from the interchange of worldviews, intelligence, culture, and commerce. Globalization increases the connectivity and interdependence of markets beyond domestic borders. The convergence of the internet, email, and fiber optic communication enables the delivery of world-class service from anywhere.

Technological progress accelerates the velocity of knowledge and instantaneous collaboration synergizes innovation. As technology entrepreneurs and stewards of capital, we guide how people, commerce, and government adapt to this dynamic catalyst of change.


Sameer S. Somal, Chief Financial Officer

Sustaining America’s inherent competitive advantages requires a software and web technology partner committed to integrity and excellence. The small or middle market organization can benefit from new competition and transform challenges into opportunities.

We conducted an exhaustive global search to identify prominent software and web development companies.

We evaluated technical expertise, design capabilities, and consistent results through a series of simple and complex technology projects. We then assembled our Executive Team on this foundation of trust.

 “Diligence is the mother of good luck.”
                       -Benjamin Franklin [1706 – 1790]



Rajiv Sharma, Chief Sales Officer

Blue Ocean Global Technology offers trusted partnership with our expansive group of technology engineers and web professionals. Our diverse experience and intellectual capital transforms each client’s value curve, providing the essence of our Blue Ocean strategy.