EQ Not IQ: EQ Fundamentals Presentation™

EQ Not IQ: EQ Fundamentals Presentation™

Stress can distract you from being productive and achieving your full potential. It’s not possible for you to eliminate all the stress in your life, but what if you had the skills to cope with stress so that you could maximize your talent, realize great results at work, and live a happy life?

 $1550 plus travel expenses including hotel, transportation, and meals

This a one hour 15 minute interactive presentation is centered on the fundamentals of EQ and how it drives productivity in every organization.  It was beta tested at a conference entitled Summit 19 in Palm Springs California in early November of 2014.  The audience said yes 100% of the time when asked if it was a great use of their time and did we make a compelling case that EQ is a better harbinger of success than IQ.

It was created to stimulate interest in our EQ Not IQ: Mastery™ Program, EQ Not IQ: Lecture/Experiential™, EQ Not IQ: Foundations™ and EQ Not IQ: Advanced ™ Workshops but it stands by itself as an important and impactful developmental experience for participants.  Our celebrated program, EQ Not IQ Mastery™, has proven to produce dramatically positive results in building neural pathways that lead to positively evolved habits.  Look at these results from eight years of research – they are startling by any standard:

      • Increased productivity – participants in this research and development project have achieved 50% to 400% improvement in their productivity relative to their peers which, for those in sales professions, has led to an average increase in sales of 25%.
      • Decreased Stress scores – down 26%
      • Decreased Anger scores – down 13%
      • Increased Vitality scores – up 10%
      • Increased Quality of Life scores – up 12%
      • Increased Positive States scores – up 19%

The presentation has three parts.  Part I is focused on an Introduction to EQ where we explain how adults learn best, why EQ is a better harbinger of happiness than IQ,, who are the major designers of EQ competencies, what are the benefits of better EQ, & we close it with the advantages of Forgiveness and a Gratitude exercise.  Part II is entitled Wounds where we explain the differences to us physiologically and psychologically between physical wounds and emotional wounds and we teach a self-talk exercise that has demonstrated positive impact on our productivity. Part III is entitled Children’s Stories where we explain what role our parents had in our growth and development and consequently the role that we will play in the well-being of our children and grandchildren, explain how EQ can be contagious, and close with a powerful video that illustrates that often, all we need is an opportunity in order to excel.

Plenty of Q & A time is afforded for the audience to satisfy any curiosity they may have.

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