team_artArt DeLorenzo
, CLU, ChFC, CFP, MSFS, MSEd, has been involved in the financial services industry since 1968.  He began his career following the attainment of his graduate degree in Education from Ithaca College, and his undergraduate degree in Education from Castleton State College in Vermont.

Initially he started as a financial advisor for Investors Diversified Services in Cortland, NY, but soon moved into a leadership role as a District Sales Manager in Syracuse. In 1984, the same year that American Express bought IDS, he accepted the position of Division Manager in the Melville office for all of Long Island and Staten Island. In 1999, as a Field Vice President for IDS/American Express Financial Advisors, he supported two market groups, the New York Metro market group and the Upstate New York market group. In 2000, he became Group Vice President of the Upstate New York/Vermont market group, retiring from that position in 2005. During that time his market group markedly improved their sales ranking. In 2006, American Express spun off their financial planning entity into Ameriprise Financial Services where he continues to mentor a small group of field leaders and advisors. Mr. DeLorenzo holds the distinction of being the only field leader in the Ameriprise Hall of Fame.

Throughout his career, Mr. DeLorenzo has blended his expertise in financial planning with his knowledge of educational fundamentals to mentor and train his advisors. By stressing the concepts espoused by the College of Financial Planning in Denver, CO and the American College in Bryn Mawr, PA, he has influenced dozens of colleagues to acquire the knowledge and status these institutions provide. In addition he has helped mentor scores of advisors to become successful practice owners and he has influenced the growth of many field leaders.

Mr. DeLorenzo is a founding partner in the MYT Group, LLC, which launched as a formal business entity in 2009. In 2001, he and his partners began researching the impact that Emotional Competence might have on the well being of participants.  Pilot after pilot proved that with the MYT Process, people could in fact lower stress and improve productivity.  Originally focused on the financial services industry, this work has now crossed into other industries as well.

A defining moment for Mr. DeLorenzo occurred in 1999 when he was given the book Working With Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman. Prior to this Mr. DeLorenzo had collected influential behaviors in a spiral notebook that he acknowledged as highly effective; it was from that notebook that he taught others. Now that these behaviors had names and subsets that could be more easily taught, he has been using that body of knowledge ever since. He is the president of AEDL Consulting Services, LTD which provides infrastructure reengineering support to financial planning practices and small manufacturing & construction businesses. He is also the co-founder and president of MYT Group, LLC an Emotional Intelligence training firm.

Art is extremely proud of his family. He has been married to his wife, Debra, for over 36 years, and has four children, six grandsons and two granddaughters. He is an accomplished mediocre golfer, and retired from mountain climbing in 2008 after summiting many significant mountains in the US and in the Himalayas. In 2010 he was inducted into the Castleton State College Athletic Hall of Fame for his MVP contribution to the 1964 NAIA co-championship soccer team. In 1996, he was also inducted into the Hall of Fame for the Fortune 100 firm where he has spent his entire career.  He and his wife share time between their homes in New York City and Martha’s Vineyard.


team_fredFrederic Luskin, Ph.D.
, is the Director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Projects and a Senior Consultant in Health Promotion at Stanford University. For many years he was a Preventive Cardiologist at the Stanford University School of Medicine. He has completed nine successful research projects on the training and measurement of his forgiveness therapy. Dr. Luskin’s research demonstrates that learning forgiveness leads to increased physical vitality, hope, greater self-efficacy, enhanced optimism and conflict resolution skills. His research also shows that forgiveness lessens the physical and emotional toll of stress, and decreases hurt, anger, depression and blood pressure.

On three occasions he has successfully worked with men and women from both sides of the violence in Northern Ireland who have had family members killed. In addition he helped develop curriculum to teach forgiveness to school children in Sierra Leone affected by the country’s civil war. Currently Dr. Luskin also serves as the Co Chair of the Garden of Forgiveness Project at Ground Zero in Manhattan.

Dr. Luskin is the author of the San Francisco Bay Area bestseller Forgive for Good: A Proven Prescription for Health and Happiness, as well as Stress Free for Good: Ten Life Skills for Health and Well Bring. He has worked with organizations such as the City of San Jose, Kaiser Permanente, Mountain States Health Alliance, Superior Court of San Francisco and others to help them work with conflict and grudges. In addition he has trained lawyers, doctors, church leaders and congregations, hospital staffs, teachers and other professionals to manage stress and enhance forgiveness all over the United States.


team_rickRick Aberman, Ph.D
., has been working with elite leaders and performers for over 20 years. Utilizing an innovative approach that often draws connections between the sports and business worlds, Dr. Aberman helps individuals develop leadership skills and achieve optimal performance. He works primarily with athletes, coaches, administrators and teams at the collegiate and professional levels, as well as business executives and senior management teams throughout North America.

After receiving his Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology and Family Therapy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dr. Aberman became one of the first psychologists in the country to be hired as a full-time member of an athletic department staff. He initiated a program designed specifically to meet the needs of the highly competitive student-athlete, coaches and administrators at the University of Wisconsin. His work was featured in the book From Red Ink to Roses: The Turbulent Transformation of a Big Ten Program.

In the early 90’s, Dr. Aberman established himself as a pioneer in the emerging area of Emotional Intelligence. His contributions of integrating Emotional Intelligence with corporations and sports organizations stand as ‘the model’ of the field. He has designed and currently provides training in Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development. He also employs these concepts in the area of talent development, recruitment and assessment for both sports and business organizations. Dr. Aberman is a founding partner of the Lennick Aberman Group, a consulting group specializing in sustained optimal performance. He resides in Minneapolis, MN.


team_shaniShani Robins, Ph.D.
, pioneered the field of Wisdom Therapy™ in 1998.  WT integrates the best practices of Western psychological science and Eastern religious traditions.  Shani completed his B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy with honors from UCLA, and his M.A. and Ph.D. in Cognitive Experimental Psychology from U.C. Santa Barbara.  He is an instructor at Stanford University and U.C. Berkeley, a licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY18795), and the founder and director of the Wisdom Therapy Institute.  Dr. Robins applies Wisdom Therapy, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness Meditation, and the active cultivation of humility to organizational and corporate consulting.  He has published and has given numerous training workshops and scientific talks nationally and internationally in the field of Wisdom and its relationships to emotions, stress, coping, performance, and organizational consulting.  Among his publications is a chapter on Emotional Intelligence in the Handbook of Consulting Psychology, and a journal article on a systems conceptualization of anger and other emotions.  Dr. Robins is an avid racquetball player and also enjoys playing chess and GO. He rollerblades, salsa dances, runs the occasional marathon, and strives to appreciate the simple things.