Art DeLorenzo has presented the “EQ not IQ” to my clients on two occasions and I will enthusiastically have him do it again if his schedules allows. He makes a compelling case that Emotional Intelligence is a better harbinger of future success than IQ through a variety of ways including story telling, interactive exercises, and a wonderful video that details what stress does to us physiologically. Our clients loved the workshop, especially Art’s sincere manner of presentation, and I highly recommend you use him as well.

Philip P. Andriola, J.D. | Senior Financial Advisor
Andriola, Goldberg & Associates (A financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.)
Garden City, NY


Each time we get together I get more enthused about the MYT Original™ Program and the concept of EQ. I want to say that I thought that the “EQ not IQ” workshop you gave for my Executive Committee was not only very well received, but I’ve been amazed at the impact it’s had on them. Secondly, although I’m only 5 weeks into the full MYT Original™ Program, I have already seen palpable personal growth and results. Thank you Art!!

Barry Mayo
President of the Radio Division, Radio One, Inc.
Washington, D.C.


I attended the MYT workshop several years ago, and participated actively in the follow up coaching calls with the group – and can say that the session and changes I made as a result of the workshop have been positively life-altering.  The workshop brings together experts in the fields of psychology, cardiology, forgiveness, emotional intelligence, and their application to all types of careers and lines of work.  To get this type of guidance to help get you out of your bad behaviors, to dig you out of a rut, a slump, or to take you to the next level is a can’t miss opportunity for your personal and business life, and a great gift you can share with someone else.

Kyle Woodward
Financial Services and Insurance Executive


As an owner of multiple companies the amount of stress and loss of sleep could be tremendous.  MYT Training, which I highly recommend, is an outstanding educational tool needed for anyone engaged in a leadership role.  I found the results to be extremely rewarding, my stress level has been diminished extensively and my quality of life has improved tremendously.

John Tortorella
President, J. Tortorella Group


I would just like to let you know about my progress in regards to the MYT training. I found it to be highly beneficial for me in my business and personal life. It helped me realize that life isn’t all about work and that I need to balance my time.  It also helped me recognize that people have quirks and I myself have quirks and that I need to accept them as just that. As I too often mistaken these quirks as major flaws and would allow them to stress me out tremendously. They also stressed the importance of health and taking care of yourself, we get so wrapped up in our everyday lives that sometimes it takes someone not in your life to remind us of that. I highly recommend this training, regardless of one’s position or how successful a person may be, as everyone has room to benefit from such a self reflecting program. Thank you.

Angelo J. Rizzi
Director of Construction Operations, J. Tortorella Swimming Pools, Inc.
Southampton, NY


Hi my name is Dan Masiello. I have been a participant, observer, and coach in the MYT™ program over the past 5 or 6 years. As a participant I found the training, coaching and education to be very helpful, educational and practical in both real and business scenarios. My experience as a participant has helped me reduce my own stress level dramatically both at work and at home. It also gave me a great appreciation for the impact of small changes that if done consistantly have a large impact over time. This is a program that can benefit all advisors staff and leaders, it does though benefit you even more if you take the advice given.

Daniel R. Masiello, CFP, CLU, ChFC, CFS
Field Vice President, Ameriprise Financial


Several of our leaders, advisors and staff have participated in Maximizing Your Talent. This exciting developmental program helps participants identify and leverage their most effective behaviors to support their personal and career growth. In additon, the workshop, coaching sessions and Individual Development Plan supports particpants in making longer term behavorial modifications that result in less stress and higher productivity.

Thomas V. Nicolosi, CFP
Group Vice President, New York Metro,  Ameriprise Financial


We never seem to find time to stop and freeze a moment to recognize or acknowledge what we are experiencing. Maximizing your talent is a program that provides you with techniques that can be used personally and professionally to enhance the quality of your life. Staying focused in the face of competing emotions and goals, and sustaining optimal performance are the two most challlenging things we confront as advisors. The program provides you with tools that can be used over and over agian to stay on track. The time and effort were worth it and the techniques learned timeless.

Gloria M. Catinchi CHFC
Senior Financial Advisor, Lombardi, Celso, Catinchi & Associates (A financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.), Rye Brook, NY


I went through the MYT™ program not knowing what to expect and with an open mind. Everything in our business is so results driven I wanted to see a direct correlation between this program and what it would add to my bottom line. What I came away with, was an experience which allowed me to look at myself instead of the business. I was able to step outside the box and examine, with the help of the MYT™ team, how I operate and what things I can do to improve my life ( and indirectly, improve my practice). I found their advice to be accurate, helpful and timely. I am glad I went through the program and would encourage anyone that is looking for an outside perspective on themselves to go through the process as well.

Donald J. McCormick, CFP
Senior Financial Advisor | CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER practitioner
An Ameriprise Platinum Financial Services practice


I found this workshop to be very rewarding. We tend to get very busy in our practices and taking the time to focus on these areas is often just the recipe neeeded to push through to the next level. The program helped me to look in at my personal self rather than look out for answers. I would definitely recommend it.

Gordon S. Shalek, CFP, CLU
Senior Financial Advisor | CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER practitioner
An Ameriprise Private Wealth Advisory Practice

Photo: Byron Pitts lecture