The White Paper

The Training of Emotional Competence in Financial Services Advisors

Frederic Luskin, Ph.D.  Rick Aberman, Ph.D.  Arthur E. DeLorenzo, Sr.


Using volunteers from four Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc, market groups, (formerly American Express Financial Services), 120 participants completed one of eight pilot projects designed to measure the effect of emotional competence/forgiveness training on sales and quality of life.    The training for this project, which was called Maximizing Your Talent (MYT), began with a one day workshop attended by the participants at each site. The morning session defined emotional competence, taught the importance of aligning thoughts, emotions and behaviors and helped participants examine areas of weakness.   The afternoon session focused on techniques for forgiveness and the importance and guided practice in reducing stress.  Subsequent to this workshop an individual development plan (IDP) was created for each advisor which was shared and implemented through five follow up conference calls over either a six month or year long period.

Incorporating results across the different groups  the average MYT participant showed an increase in productivity of 24% which was contrasted with a 10% increase in sales earned by the other advisors in each market group.   In addition the stress levels of the 120 participants who completed the training decreased 26% over the length of the project while their reported positive emotional states increased 19% over the course of each group’s participation in MYT.  Quality of life, anger and physical vitality measures also demonstrated statistically significant positive change over the course of each group’s participation in MYT.

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