Value Proposition

MYT Group, LLC
Value Proposition

  • We deliver transformational and sustainable change via our signature product, EQ Not IQ: Mastery™ over the long term from both a personal and professional perspective
  • We use empirical evidence to design individual development plans.  Once presented to the participant we help them execute on these plans from multiple angles.  One on one coaching, peer observer feedback and TEAM conference calls.
  • Our positive impact is felt over many human emotions including stress, anger, health, and performance anxiety.
  • The introductory Presentations we deliver inspire attendees to further explore EQ and Mindfulness.  99% of them say it was a great use of their time and 98% of them state that we made a compelling case that EQ is a better harbinger of success than IQ alone.
  • We demonstrate our effectiveness by measuring the growth in5 areas of wellness.  Stress, Vitality, Anger, Positive States, & Quality of Life.   

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