EQ Not IQ Workshops

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence for Enhancing Effectiveness, Impact, and Wellness

The Challenge

Our research identifies 7 core corporate challenges related to EQ deficits. They are:

  1. Dealing with too many things to do in too few hours
  2. Coping with stress more effectively
  3. Juggling work and personal/family life
  4. Navigating the information explosion
  5. Building impactful relationships
  6. Communicating effectively in person, through emails, and via texts
  7. Leading people skillfully through changing environments

How would you feel if in a year from now your organization was still struggling with these issues?

Our solution: 

Substantial research demonstrates that mastering core skills in emotional intelligence can solve these issues and significantly enhance performance and productivity. In fact, EQ accounts for over half of job performance and is the single most important factor that differentiates top performers from their average peers. Our EQ Not IQ Workshops provide the key step in developing these core skills. Among these are:

  1. Cognitive sophistication and accurate thinking
  2. Mindfulness and sustained focus
  3. Empathic resonance and listening
  4. Humility and flexibility
  5. Gratitude and appreciation
  6. Forgiveness of and learning from mistakes

In addition to the workshops, which introduce these skills, we provide are two connected components: 1) the Individual Development Plan (IDP) that tailors the development of these skills uniquely to the individual and 2) One-on-One Coaching that supports the in-depth development and application of these skills in real-life situations.

Our workshops are centered on the fundamentals of building EQ—Emotional Intelligence (Quotient)—and on successfully addressing the dramatic impact that stress has on us physiologically.  So far, 98% of the people who have participated in this workshop believe that we’ve made a compelling case for EQ (vs. IQ) as the key to attaining optimal performance and over 99% have said that it was a great investment of their time.

Our signature program, EQ Not IQ: Mastery™ has proven to produce dramatically positive results in building neuropathways that lead to positively evolved habits.  Look at these results from eight years of research – they are startling by any standard:

  • Increased productivity – For those in the sales profession, the full EQ Not IQ program led to an average group increase in sales of 25%. The most committed members of the research and development group achieved sales gains as high as 50% to 400%.
  • Decreased Stress scores – down 26%
  • Decreased Anger scores – down 13%
  • Increased Vitality scores – up 10%
  • Increased Quality of Life scores – up 12%
  • Increased Positive States scores – up 19%

The workshops begin with an “essential ideas” section explaining the anatomy of stress, emotions, and emotional intelligence. These ideas generate immediate understanding and buy-in inspiring strong motivation to cultivate emotional intelligence. The workshops then present focused, evidenced supported practices and interventions that immediately enhance emotional, social, and cognitive competencies. Clients leave the workshop with enhanced personal and interpersonal insights and effective practices that drive more impactful results at work and at home.

2014 Fee Schedule

  • EQ Not IQ: Lecture/Experiential – 2 hour $3995 for a maximum group of 40*
  • EQ Not IQ: Foundations – One Half Day $4495 for a maximum group of 40*
  • EQ Not IQ: Advanced – Full Day $5995 for a maximum group of 40*
  • EQ Not IQ: Ultimate – Two Days $7500 for a maximum group of 40*
  • Key Note Speaking for a maximum group of 200**
  • Assessment & Individual Development Plan – $425 per person
  • Assessment & Individual Development Plan plus 5 One-on-One Coaching Sessions – $1495 per person

*Plus travel expenses including hotel, transportation, and meals
** Key Note Speaking is determined by the length of presentation, experience level of presenter desired, and travel distance