Giving Back

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At our 2013 Business Planning Meeting in San Francisco, we decided to continue sharing our passion for Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness in the communities where we live and work without charging a speaking fee.  We started this initiative in 2012 and it has been well received from organizations as far ranging as the New York State Outdoor Recreation Association to the Financial Planning Associations in New York and Connecticut.  Although we are an emerging business, it is not an uncommon initiative within corporate America to have programs whereby we give back.  This is ours.

We will provide seven presentations between January 30 — November 30 and waive our speaking fee of $995 for either:


  1. Any Non-For-Profit 501 (c)(3) or 403(b) entity may submit an application for review. A panel of existing clients will be formed to make the decision as to which applications will be approved.  Please complete the application below.
  2. Applications can be submitted between January 15 – April 15.
  3. Travel expenses, if any, will be invoiced and covered by the non-profit entity.


2016 Giving Back Application

Organization Name
Point of Contact Name (First & Last)
Organization Type
Organization Address
Contact Phone Number
Organization Description ?
Please provide a description of the services provided by your organization, and to whom you provide those services.
Reason for Application ?
Explain some of the reasons why you are interested in having MYT conduct a presentation to your organization.