Our Alumni Services

Our alumni services were developed to update and expand the skills that were learned in our MYT Original or EQ Not IQ Mastery™ trainings. We offer an EQ Not IQ: Extension™ follow-up program to help alumni continue to deal effectively with existing and upcoming stressors, refine and update EQ growth goals, and deepen all-around EQ practice. EQ Not IQ: Private Coaching™ is also available after our various trainings for those who wish to continue coaching on a one-on-one virtual basis. We recommend that our alumni participate in our alumni servives after EQ training at least once a year to refresh the skills in their toolkit.

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Extension topics:

  1. Reviewing your emotional intelligence toolkit and applying EQ skills to new domains.

  2. Increasing fluency in using cognitive distortions and thought records.

  3. Integrating multiple cognitive, emotional, and physiological tools

  4. Advanced mindfulness, humility, and empathy training.

  5. Exploring the power of empathy and vulnerability as tools for innovation and creativity

  6. Disarming “fight or flight” and numbing response to stress

  7. Developing the skills to visualize success and discover better solutions to stressful issues using positive intention.

  8. Forgiveness as a business and life practice.

next Extension group begins February 8, 2019. below is the list of following sessions and the coaches who will lead them*:

  1. February 8th - Norm

  2. February 22nd - Mike

  3. March 8th - Norm

  4. March 22nd - Mike

  5. April 5th - Norm

  6. April 19th - Mike

  7. May 3rd - Norm

  8. May 17th - Mike

    *All sessions will be from 12pm-1pm Eastern on Zoom

    use the arrows to check out some of our extension testimonials below:

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Preferred Client Program

To view our 2019 Preferred Client Program options, please click here.

For more information about our Preferred Client Program, please contact Art DeLorenzo - art@maximizeyourtalent.com