EQ Not IQ: Leadership i basics™

“Leadership is influencing someone to go somewhere or do something when they wouldn’t do either by themselves.”.jpg

This quote is the basis for our unique approach to developing leaders.

The significance of EQ Not IQ™ rests with the research and writings done by Daniel Goleman in the late 1990’s and continued thereafter by him and others. It states that the productivity of our workforce will no longer be connected solely to how much IQ is brought to the table but rather how much EQ accompanies it. Our Leadership I Basics™ program is a deep dive into essential basics, using methods that have been proven to drive business results as well as emotionally healthy work environments.

our next ldp i basics™ event launches december 6th

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Program includes:

  1. Pre-Workshop Assignments - MYT Group, LLC will provide Jon Kabat-Zinn’s book as well as Chapter 2 of Stress Free for Good

  2. Full Day Workshop in NYC with experienced credentialed leaders and a Ph.D.

  3. Six months of follow up and continued learning including:

    • Six monthly two-hour Zoom Group Sessions

    • Six monthly 45-minute Zoom sessions focused solely on Kolbe Technology

    • Six monthly 30-minute phone calls with Art DeLorenzo for individual coaching

Ancillary materials are not included (Kolbe Right Fits are $575, Kolbe B & C Indexes are $75 each, Kolbe A to A Indexes are $60). The 2019 Standard rate for this program is $3595 per person. Preferred Client Program members are afforded a special rate and others can register more economically by using our Early Bird Rate ($3195) option listed on our One Pager above.

“We at AIR Asset Management have been clients of MYT for over four years. I recently completed the MYT Leadership Program which provided me with both the foundational and advanced skills for effective leadership.  The program is amazing in how it brings together emotional intelligence training with the skills needed to effectively manage people within an organization.  I have been employing MYT’s interpersonal and management concepts at AIR Asset Management which has helped us to lead people by allowing them to utilize their natural skills and emotional strengths. This has resulted in immediate improvements in both personal and corporate productivity.”
— -Steve Luongo, LDP I Basics™ Graduate

LDP I Basics™ program materials: