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Conflict Resolution

With Dr. Fred Luskin

Thursday July 25, 2019


Join us at The New York Open Center, NYC or Virtually


Conflicts will inevitably happen as people share different personalities, goals, and opinions. Poor conflict management can cost time, money, and stress. Learning to handle conflicts is essential to any relationship, whether it be professional or personal. The good news: there are simple skills and practices that can be learned to successfully resolve conflicts.


Dr. Fred Luskin has prepared a 2-hour workshop to cover the essentials of conflict resolution including:

  • Understanding why conflicts arise

  • Introducing the need for self regulation and forgiveness as de-escalations

  • A simple guided practice in mindful listening

  • The principles of non-violent communication practice

pricing options

→$175 in-person

→$49.95 online

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What is our Speaker’s Series?

Our Speaker’s Series was created at the request of many of our existing clients. All of our existing programs include a density of preparation, thoughtful EQ & Mindfulness delivery and thorough follow-up. Recently, we have been asked to present a high-level overview of specific topics so a deeper understanding of their origins and impacts can be experienced. We all want a better understanding of how we can become happier given our current busy lives. No one is better at explaining that than our accredited speakers featured in our Speaker’s Series. They will take us through life-changing topics in just a few short hours in a knowledgeable, comprehensive manner. You will leave inspired and prepared to start or continue a journey to a richer robust life filled with the knowledge on how to succeed using Mind Skills™ such as: forgiveness, relationships, attentiveness, mindfulness, resilience, stress reduction, and more!