MYT presents: Women’s Mindfulness Retreat

attend either in NYC or Westchester - February 2019

Have you always wanted to meditate but don’t know where to start, don’t have time, or maybe don’t know how to fit it into your daily life?

Perhaps you…

Ø Want to feel more centered, relaxed, and balanced?

Ø Want to find calm in the chaos?

Ø Are in need of an afternoon for yourself?

Our Women’s Mindfulness Retreat is the perfect opportunity to spend an afternoon in mid February learning about the how’s and why’s of Mindfulness Meditation. The retreat will teach you how to meditate, how to be kind to yourself, and how to incorporate mindfulness into your busy life. If you have always wanted to learn about Mindfulness Meditation but can't seem to find the time, this is the time to invest in yourself! This retreat will offer you the kickstart you need to prioritize yourself and feel more balanced.

Join us and a supportive, welcoming environment of hard-working, deserving women like you investing in their health and growth. All levels of Mindfulness Meditation experience are welcome, including beginners!

Mindful is The New Skinny author Jodi Baretz will be facilitating, using her expertise to guide attendees through a variety of mindfulness practices. The techniques she offers will provide you with long-lasting skills to use for a more peaceful, productive life. Here’s a glimpse of what will be covered at the retreat:

  • An introduction to Mindfulness Meditation and how to fit it into your busy life

  • Practices and meditations you can start using ASAP

  • Access to Jodi’s bestseller, Mindful is The New Skinny with resource center*

  • Invitation to join our FB Group with monthly Zoom calls so your practice and learning doesn’t have to end when the retreat is over!**

*The resource center includes audio meditations, visualizations, recipes, fun tips, poems and meditation scripts for you to utilize long after the retreat ends.

**An offer to join our Women’s FB Community will also be made available to all women who are looking for a supportive environment to keep up with and learn new skills after the retreat ends. Jodi and MYT will facilitate the Women’s FB group and 4 monthly Zoom calls are included in the price of $150 for membership.

The retreat is also the perfect opportunity for companies to send their women employees to, to show them they are appreciated. Benefits like these are the perfect way to honor the hard-working females in your office while also showing how much you value women in the workplace. You employees will leave the retreat feeling centered and less stressed, therefore also feeling more centered and productive.

Join us in NYC on February 10th or Westchester February 11th. Seating is limited so reserve your spot now!

 Upon receiving your registration by clicking the button above and completing the registration form, you will be notified within 24 hours with a confirmation email. Payment options include check or credit card (payment options will be included in confirmation email).