Stress can distract you from being productive and achieving your full potential. It’s not possible for you to eliminate all the stress in your life, but what if you had the skills to cope with stress so that you could maximize your talent, realize great results at work, and live a happy life?

 Maximize Your Talent was founded in 2010 after nine years of research proving the efficacy of specialized training, helping individuals improve work productivity through practical applications of emotional competence (EQ) skill development. By utilizing a comprehensive process that incorporates an assessment, workshop,  individual development plan and follow-up process, we assist participants in their quest to experience richer and more productive relationships in both their work and home environments.

Maximize Your Talent – Before & After from Erica DeLorenzo on Vimeo.

Our mission is to teach the EQ soft skills that are proven to build optimal performance while simultaneously minimizing the negative impact of worry, stress and hurry. We help each individual to understand their strengths and weaknesses, developing a plan to maximize their talent.

Ambitious people who apply themselves diligently excel over time. MYT’s research demonstrates that our emotional competence intervention enhances participant’s work performance. It reduces the time it takes them to excel and helps high achievers develop their optimal performance of excellence and flow. It does so through targeted coaching of their emotional competence. People who complete our program work more efficiently and have a better time doing so.