EQ Not IQ: The Basics™ is a well-designed 1 hour presentation that answers a common question.  Is EQ a better harbinger of success than IQ.  In our modern world the answer is yes and we explain in detail the physiological damage that chronic stress reaps on us all.  It is replete with a wonderful video that emphasizes the need for thoughtfulness and two exercises that help cement the need for increased skills to manage stress.

EQ Not IQ: The Basics Plus is a 1¾ hour presentation that adds two powerful elements to the aforementioned presentation.  The first is a condensed video by renowned Stanford University Professor, Robert Sapolsky.  In this shortened version he details a number or research projects that proves the physiological damage that chronic stress reaps on us and offers solutions as well.  Then, based on the selection of the audience we take the group deeper into their choice so that they are armed with additional skills.

EQ Not IQ: Power of Intention™ is a 1 hour presentation that opens with a focus on past historical paradigms and why EQ is growing as new paradigm and a better harbinger of optimal performance than IQ alone.  The science of Psychology is defined as is a new relative, neuroscience and why the business community is the beneficiary of this collaboration.  Then we explain the need for balance between the predominant “hard skills” we acquire during our formal education with more “soft skills”.  This combination is what makes good organizations great organizations.

EQ Not IQ: Culture Drives Results™  is a 1 hour and fifteen minute presentation centered on the fundamentals of Culture and how it drives outcome in every organization.  Delivered in three parts, we deliver information that will change the way you shape your experiences, the role the brain plays in perceiving positive and negative feedback and how we can address and change the paradigms we live with.

EQ Not IQ: EQ Fundamentals  is one hour 15 minute interactive presentation is centered on the fundamentals of EQ and how it drives productivity in every organization. It was beta tested at a conference entitled Summit 19 in Palm Springs California in early November of 2014. The audience said yes 100% of the time when asked if it was a great use of their time and did we make a compelling case that EQ is a better harbinger of success than IQ.

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