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our emotional intelligence/mindfulness programs bring solutions to stress, productivity to your workplace, and fulfillment to your life. We offer thorough, research-based training using a variety of personal and professional coaching practices to foster optimal work-life balance.

Realistically - stress is inevitable.

A small portion of life’s circumstances are simply out of our control, such as the weather outside or the actions of others. A much bigger percentage of what happens in life is within our control. With the proper skills in your toolkit to seamlessly work through stressful situations, you will find yourself much less stressed, and much more productive and happy!

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happiness consists of…

50% Genetics: from parents and your baseline health situation.

10% Circumstances: such as income, environment, and weather. Things you cannot control.

40% Choices: Intentional action such as practicing mindfulness, gratitude, healthy sleep habits, and positive thoughts.

MYT Group, LLC offers a variety of life practices to take advantage of that 40 percent.



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