EQ Not IQ: Mastery™

This program was built on 8 years of research that validated the positive impact that EQ—Emotional Intelligence—has on productivity. In addition this research demonstrated significant decreases in stress and anger scores while increasing vitality, positive states and emotional well-being scores.

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What is Mastery?

  • Mastery begins with a full day workshop where the attendees will learn unique EQ skills from lead researcher and lecturer, Dr. Fred Luskin.

  • Each attendee will take an EQi test. After the completion of the test, all participants will receive an Individualized Development Plan (IDP) as their guide for the program with specific goals based on their strengths and limitations.

  • Follow up includes six months of individualized training with our PhDs, feedback sessions , team conference calls, group support, and pre and post assessments to measure results and personal growth.

  • After Mastery, all attendees become Alumni and have the option to enhance their EQ training even further through our Alumni Programs.

Upcoming Mastery™ Events

March 29, 2019 - One pager

July 28, 2019

November 22, 2019

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Pricing opportunities can be found on “one pager“ documents for each event. There are early bird, group pricing, and standard pricing rates available.

mastery™ materials:

July 20, 2018 Group: Time Line

November 16, 2018 Group: Welcome & Details Letter, Time Line, Peer Observer Overview.

For any questions about Mastery please contact Kelly Mesler - kelly@maximizeyourtalent.com